MLAT 2005 MoCCA Report

Both of us hit NY Friday evening after a 12 hour drives.
This was the view from our hotel room...not bad!

We then went to find the Puck building where the MoCCA festival was being held. It was a beautiful, brick building within walking distance from where we were staying.

Another view from the back, where the exhibitors entered.

That night we found this really nice, little bar to chill after an all day drive.

Saturday morning we found our booth and proceeded to set up all our swag. Some of the new & exclusive items were The Front Issue One- Mocca Exclusive, Super Cute Jared Dolls, Silver and the Periodic Forces - Episode One, Monster card sets...and comic postcards

We shared a table with our friend Mark Rudolph who does the online comic City Yarns.

Sara forgot her matching MLAT t-shirt...but thank god for these matching burgandy shirts. Nothing says burgandy.

Oh! And then these awesome people came to visit us! Rhiannon (Kaiserin in the forums), her brother and Patrick (Tom Foolery) were some of the nicest people ever and we were so flattered that they came to the show to see us. We were able to talk a bit and it totally made the event worth while!
Thanks guys!

Saturday night we went to check out the Empire State Building.

A view of the room from our table.

Another view. The size of the crowds were impressive.

Later on Sunday Daniel Clowes (Ghost World) was doing signings a few tables down from us. Folks were waiting in a good sized line to see him too! The line ran in front of our booth for well over an hour.

Raina and Dave were only a booth down from us. We had been wanting to meet them for awhile. It was a pleasure to talk with them...super nice!

Satisfactory Comics

There was also the Youngest Pro Cartoonist there!
7 years old...and her stuff was good!

Working the table.

The Make Like A Tree Team looking pensive...or tired....with Mark in the front.

Jared yearns to make friends in the big city.
Overall, it was a great trip! It was nice to see the city, meet and talk with other artists and see supportive fans! Then come home inpsired and our pockets full of all the other great swag at the show!

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