by Jerzy Drozd and Sara Turner

Silver And The Periodic Forces is a story of interplanetary battles between good and evil told in the style of the Saturday Morning Action Adventure cartoon. While it's updating there will even be “commercial breaks” over the weekends featuring guest artists Mark Rudolph of City Yarns and Rhiannon McCullough of Schwartz Krueuz.




From the authors

Sara: Jerzy and I had talked about creating another comic together for, when he approached me with a character that he created when he was a kid I thought....perfect! I mean, that's partially what Make Like A Tree is about...taking those inspirations and making them real, making them yours.
And, I really do like Maggie!

Jerzy: Silver was the first character I ever wrote a comic about. The story was originally called "Silver And The Natural Resources", but the concept and Silver's look is pretty much the same, right down to his purple "magic glove." Other characters, like Lao and Maggie, were created and developed when Sara and I teamed up on the new version.
Practically every comic I've ever helped to create has in some way been influenced by the Saturday Morning Cartoon. I've always been fascinated with the way they'd cram so much characterization and action into such a small amount of time.
So this story is both a tip of the hat to the 10-year-old Jerzy who said he wanted to be a comics artist and a salute to the great writers who've inspired me over the years. Especially Ron Friedman, who is my inspiration and my hero.